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5 Easy Ways to Enjoy Disneyland from Home

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Welcome to 2020, the year of the unknown!  I’m sure glad that I was able to visit Disneyland this January before all the craziness started!  I was devastated when I had to cancel my March trip to Disneyland (and my June trip, and April in Disney World) BUT as a true Disney fan, I’m persisting.  I’ve been looking for ways to keep the magic alive and I want to share 5 easy ways to enjoy Disneyland from home.  Let’s break it down into the 5 senses, shall we?


The Tastes of Disneyland

Nothing tastes quite like the food at Disneyland.  We all have our favourites, to be sure, but I think we can all agree that there’s something VERY magical about churros and Dole Whips.  Well, the good news is that if you head on over to the Disney Parks Blog, you can get the recipes for these fan favourites!  Make a batch of churros to nibble on while watching your favourite cartoon.  Mix up a Dole Whip (or 4 – I won’t judge) and sit out in the sun and enjoy!  Just tasting these amazing treats takes me back to the Disneyland Resort in my mind.



My daughter and I have been testing out the recipes we are finding online and having some pretty great success, I must say!

AND my Starbucks mugs from Disneyland and California Adventure Parks seem to make my coffee even better!


The Sounds of Disneyland

There are so many songs and sounds that can easily transport me into the parks.  Everything from original movie soundtracks to music loops from various lands within the Disneyland Resort can be found online.  Check out YouTube, iTunes, Amazon – basically, wherever you would get your music from, you’ll find something Disney!  I love to listen to park music loops while I work.  It really puts a smile on my face and a little zip in my tasks!  You can also put on Disney+ and listen to the movies in the background.  It may not be the Resort itself, but for me, whenever I hear the theme music to Pirates of the Caribbean, it can transport me to the ride.


The Sights of Disneyland

I don’t know about you, but I take a TON of pictures each time I’m at the Disneyland Resort.  I keep them all on my computer, and I have them set as my screensaver.  Awesome!  But what about when I’m working?  Well, I keep a few of my timeless favourites on my desk and the walls near where I’m sitting, so I can look over at them any time.  You can even get these gorgeous calendars for any (or every) room in your home!  I have one in my office and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

For even more of a look at the Resort, check out some of the special programmings on Disney+!  You can go behind the scenes with the Disney Imagineers and see just how they come up with the Magic that we so enjoy.  How cool is that?  You’ll get a look at things you likely would NEVER see when in the parks.  Be sure to check it out!


The “Feel” of Disneyland

Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb on this one.  There are a few ways that you can “feel” Disneyland.  One, of course, is to load up on sugar and stand in the sun.  Just kidding!  Seriously, though, this is when all those stuffies that you’ve bought over the years will come in handy!  Or maybe the blankets you picked up?  For me, I’ll put on one of my favourite sweatshirts or T-shirts that I bought at the Resort and start there.  And if you don’t have any of those hanging around?  It’s time to start Disney-Bounding!  Pick a favourite character or two and tailor your outfit of the day to their style.

If all else fails, pull out your trusty Mickey ears and wear them around the house.  Just remember to take them off before strolling into the grocery store – NOT that I’m speaking from experience …



The Smells of Disneyland

This one may very well be the trickiest to achieve, but let’s give it a go.  Popcorn, fresh coffee, snickerdoodles, churros – you can make them all at home!  Add in a whiff of freshly-baked pretzels and fresh flowers, and voila!  You’re there.  To take it to the next level, think about the scents that hit you during Soarin’ Over California, or Soarin’ Over the World.  Orange blossoms, jasmine, cedarwood and more.  And the best part?  You can bring home some Disney scents in candles!


So there you have it, my 5 easy ways to enjoy Disneyland from home!  What are YOU doing to keep the magic alive until your next visit?  And it is too early to start planning our next trip?

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