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How to Make an Easy Mickey Mouse Wreath

Easy Mickey Mouse wreath with wood shelf, Tigger mug from Disneyland

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So here we are in February and no trip to Disneyland in sight!  So what are we to do?  It’s quite simple, really – learn how to find the magic in your home!  We are continually looking for fun ways to bring Disneyland home to us and this easy Mickey Mouse wreath is perfect!

This super-cute, quick and easy Mickey Mouse wreath can be made in no time, using items from the dollar store!  Say what?  Magical AND budget-friendly?  Oh boy, that’s music to my ears!



What You’ll Need

As I said, this wreath can be made using nothing but dollar store supplies!  If you’re not near a dollar store, I’ve included links to similar products on Amazon.  Here’s what you’ll need:


Grapevine wreaths shaped as Mickey Mouse head, silk flowers, floral wire and snips, Spanish moss, wood craft heart cutout
All these supplies can be found at your local dollar store!



What You’ll Do

This is such a quick craft!  You’ll love how little time it takes to make this easy Mickey Mouse wreath.

Step 1

Start by painting your wooden cutout.  This way, the paint can dry while you put together your wreath.  I chose a little wooden heart and painted it red, but you could do anything you like here! 



I simply brushed the paint onto the cutout with a paper towel, as I wanted very light coverage and NO MESS to clean up!  Paint your cutout and set it aside.


Grapevine wreaths shaped as Mickey Mouse head, red DecoArt craft paint, wooden heart cutout
Choose any embellishment you like for this step! I chose the heart, as it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day AND my everyday love of all things Disney!


Step 2

Now you will create the head and ears – simply wrap the floral wire around one small wreath and the large one.  Once the first ear is in place, determine the placement of the second and wire it in the right spot. 

If you plan to hang your wreath, be sure to create a hook on the back at this point.  You don’t really want to be fussing with it once your floral pieces are attached.  I skipped this step, personally, because I knew that the wreath would be sitting on a shelf!


Two grapevine wreaths, small and large, wired together
Simply cut a piece of floral wire and wrap it around the two wreaths, making sure they are secure. If you don’t have floral wire, zip strips will also work just fine!


Step 3

Next, you’ll want to figure out how much or how little embellishment you want on your wreath.  I used several stems of flowers cut from one larger stem to cover the top of my wreath.  I then laid out the Spanish moss to figure out how much I wanted to attach. 

This is the point to start warming up your glue gun!


Grapevine wreaths shaped as Mickey Mouse head, Spanish moss, craft flowers, floral wire and snips
Trim your flowers into smaller pieces. This makes it much easier to create the arrangement and effect you want.

Step 4

Glue each individual stem to your wreath where you like them.  Once the flowers are in place, glue the Spanish moss.  After gluing on my moss, I decided to tuck a few more flowers into the moss, just to break it up a little.



Step 5

The final step is to attach the wood cutout.  Decide where you like it best, and use a liberal amount of hot glue to attach it.


easy Mickey Mouse wreath made from grapevine wreaths, spanish moss, craft flowers and wood cutout
This craft is all about adding your own personal taste – you can add a lot or a little and make it just right!


And voila!  You just made a quick and easy Mickey Mouse wreath!  How cute is that? 


If you’d like to watch a quick video of how to put this wreath together, be sure to check this out:

This video is from Our Little Handmade Home, our sister site!   Be sure to check out both the blog and our YouTube Channel, which you can find here:  Our Little Handmade Home YouTube.


I am absolutely loving this little wreath and how it brightens up any corner of any room!  As we count down to our next Disneyland countdown, we’ll continue to bring you awesome ways to keep the magic alive at home!



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Mickey Mouse Wreath made from grapevine wreaths, spanish moss, craft flowers and wood cutout





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