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Disneyland Etiquette: 7 Easy Ways to Be a Good Park Guest

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When visiting Disneyland, the parks have very specific rules for their guests.  These rules are put into place for the safety and comfort of guests and cast members alike.  Disneyland etiquette, however, is something totally different.

Consider this.  Some things are allowed, but it doesn’t mean it’s appropriate.  For example, wearing shirts that are suggestive without swearing.  The rules state that guests should not wear attire that is offensive or inappropriate, but that is a discretionary decision.  Just because you got into the park wearing a shirt with an inappropriate saying on it does not mean you should do it.  For the most fun, get into some park gear like these awesome shirts!



These are our top tips for Disneyland etiquette, designed to help you have a wonderful time and to be considerate of those around you.  After all, we all want to have a magical time!  


Be Aware

On any given day in the Disneyland Resort, you will be around other guests.  Some days are busier than others, but there will ALWAYS be other people nearby.  Simply being aware of others helps you to be a good guest.  Accidents happen and people get bumped into from time to time but when you’re looking around instead of at your phone or up at the amazing decorations, you’ll reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others.

If you see something that takes your breath away and you want to take a moment to admire it or take a picture, step to the side whenever possible.  Most guests are aware that others are taking pictures and will go out of their way to not ruin your photo, so be sure to do the same for others!

And for goodness’ sake, if you want to text, stop walking!



Be Considerate

While this might sound the same as being aware, it’s quite different.  For example, there are a number of amazing restaurants in the Disneyland Resort, but not nearly enough seats to hold all the guests at one time.  

We are certainly not suggesting that you wolf down meals so fast that you can’t enjoy them, but in locations that require reservations, you aren’t really meant to linger too long.  By all means, enjoy each course, savour the flavours and finish your dessert.  But then it’s time to go!  Each table that takes a little longer than its allotted time pushes back the next party.  And it becomes a domino effect.  When the parks are not terribly busy, this isn’t as much of an issue, but if you are visiting during any peak season, consider how much time you spend on your dinner.

During one visit to Disneyland for Tanya’s birthday, her reservation at Cafe Orleans was held up by 45 minutes, simply because a table overstayed its time.  She and her husband still managed to get their dinner, but it was late and they were pretty hungry by then!


Ride Etiquette

There are several things to say about etiquette at attractions.  The obvious ones would be to not swear or make others around you uncomfortable.  Don’t be pushy or aggressive – these acts can and will get you removed from the parks.  We’ve seen it happen!  But what many guests forget are the more subtle actions to be aware of.


Disneyland Etiquette - Toy Soldier in California Adventure Park


Watch your hands

The first one that comes to mind is keeping your arms inside the ride, especially when pictures are taken.  We have to admit guilt for this particular infraction.  We’ve often put our hands straight up at the last minute on Space Mountain or the Incredicoaster while sitting in the front, only to obscure the faces of those behind us.  Splash Mountain and Guardians of the Galaxy too.  Oops!  We’ve been on the flip side as well, so we know how it feels.  To be honest, after the first couple of trips, we don’t tend to keep these photos, but for some guests, they are part of the experience.  So if you want to put your hands up, simply be aware if there are guests behind you and maybe position them a little differently!

Get in line

The second infraction is line cutting.  We totally get the need, especially in busy times, for people to have to slip out of line to take a little one (or themselves) to a nearby washroom.  They then work their way back through the line to their party.  This is not something that should upset anyone.  But when one person gets in line to hold a space for ten other people (yup, seen this too), that’s just not cool.  Go in together or go on separately.  But it isn’t fair to guests who have stood in line for over an hour to be pushed back further by a large group cutting in at the last minute. 

And PLEASE do not try to cut ahead in the Single Rider lines.  It’s actually irrelevant that your party is further up in line because you likely won’t be riding with them anyway!

Try to remember that everyone’s time is of equal value.  Settle in for the wait if the lines are long and look for the Hidden Mickeys all around you! 


Double-check your stroller

Have you ever noticed how in a sea of parked strollers, very few stand out?  We certainly have!  And we’ve actually grabbed the wrong one more than once!  Luckily, we noticed right away and left the original stroller parked in the same place.  Cast members are fantastic about organizing strollers in such a way that everyone can access their rides, so there shouldn’t be any need to knock another stroller out of your way.  Keep calm, make sure it’s yours and stroll responsibly!


Disneyland Etiquette - guests in California Adventure Park


To help your stroller stand out in the crowd, consider adding a little flair to the handle!  You can actually hang a personalized luggage tag from the handlebar to make it clear that it’s yours!


Use the garbage cans

This one should be obvious.  It should be.  


Use your manners

This should be considered elemental Disneyland etiquette, but saying please and thank you goes a long way in any situation!  I have seen some very rude behaviour directed at guests and cast members alike and it’s sad.  I have also seen the smiles on those same faces when someone speaks to them with kindness and good manners.  Trust us, it goes far!



Add some magic to others’ day

Now for some of you who might be rather introverted or shy, this may sound daunting.  But it’s a lot of fun for both you and the other person when you call out “Happy Birthday” to a guest wearing a birthday button.  It’s actually a lot of fun when that person has forgotten they have their button on!  Make the day of a smaller guest by wishing them a happy birthday – the smiles are infectious!


At the end of the day, it’s up to each of us to decide how we want to enjoy our vacations.  But being kind, considerate and happy is a really great place to start!



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Disneyland Etiquette - Enchanted Tiki Room


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