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The Best of Fantasyland: Your Ultimate Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Fantasyland in Disneyland - Storybook Land Canal Boat attraction

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Welcome to Fantasyland, where you might say Disneyland really all began.  From the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough to King Arthur Carousel and all the dark rides in between, Fantasyland holds some of Disneyland’s most treasured attractions. 

Here you’ll step into a land where fairy tales are brought to life in true Disney fashion.  Take a walk in Walt’s footsteps, try to pull a sword from a stone and pick up a few trinkets on the way! 




Fantasyland is full of fantastic family rides!  Here you’ll find many of the Classic Attractions from opening Day in 1955:

  • Casey Jr. Circus Train
  • Storybook Land Canal Boats
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • King Arthur Carrousel
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Snow White’s Enchanted Wish
  • Pinocchio’s Daring Journey
  • Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds
  • it’s a Small World
  • Fantasyland Theatre
  • Royal Hall
  • Royal Theatre
  • Pixie Hollow


Here’s a closer look at each attraction.


Casey Jr. Circus Train and Storybook Land Canal Boats

Hop aboard a festive circus train or take a seat in a small boat to enjoy big views of little places!   Guests that travel on the Casey Jr. Circus Train or the Storybook Land Canal Boats get a unique view of some of the most beloved castles, cottages and even whole villages!

Intricately detailed models built to scale showcase, among others, the Village of Arendelle, the Royal City of Agrabah and the Dwarfs’ Cottage from Snow White, plus so many more.

These two attractions are good fun for the whole family!



Dumbo the Flying Elephant

An up and down adventure for all who ride, Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a family-friendly ride.  Step into your own little pachyderm and let Dumbo’s friend Timothy Q. Mouse direct you in a circular ride.

Fun Fact:  You control how high or how low you fly with a lever inside the gondola cart!


King Arthur Carrousel

There are 68 meticulously hand-painted steeds ready to whisk you away on the King Arthur Carrousel.  In fact, many of these beautiful horses are more than 90 years old!  Walt Disney wanted to be sure that anyone riding the Carrousel had a chance to ride a galloping horse like King Arthur himself, so rather than a menagerie of animals, horses fill the attraction.


Mad Tea Party

Unbirthday celebrations have never been so fun as at the Mad Tea Party!  Whimsical colours and designs inspired by Alice in Wonderland enchant guests of all ages.

Note:  If you are prone to motion sickness or you don’t like spinning rides, you might want to enjoy this attraction from the sidelines!


Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, Peter Pan’s Flight and Pinocchio’s Daring Journey

These four attractions are the so-called “Dark Rides” of Fantasyland.  All but Pinocchio’s Daring Journey are original to opening day, but most have received updates throughout the years.

These adventurous rides are family-friendly, but they can certainly be a bit scary for little ones.


Fantasyland in Disneyland - Peter Pan attraction


Matterhorn Bobsleds

Yodelay-ee-oo!  Climb into a bobsled and soar to the heights of this replica of the real Matterhorn in Switzerland.  Be sure to keep your eyes open for a glimpse of a very grumpy Abominable Snowman!

Fun Fact:  There are two separate bobsled tracks running through the Matterhorn – one on the Fantasyland side and one on the Tomorrowland side.  The Matterhorn Bobsleds ride was the first roller-coaster style attraction in Disneyland Park, with an opening date of June 14, 1959.


it’s a small world

Perhaps one of the most iconic attractions in the Disneyland Resort, the Happiest Cruise that Ever Sailed continues to delight guests of all ages.  Nearly 300 audio-animatronic dolls representing nations around the world sing the well-known chorus of “it’s a small world after all”.

Bring home some of the magic of “it’s a small world” with this beautiful stacking block set!

Fun Fact:  While many believe that this is an opening day attraction, “it’s a small world” did not appear in Disneyland until 1966!  The ride was created for the 1964-54 World’s Fair in New York.  Following the end of the Fair, the beloved attraction was shipped back to California and installed for guests to enjoy.




No visit to Fantasyland is complete without a magical trinket or two.  You can find apparel, accessories, toys, costumes and so much more in the following locations.


Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

This lovely boutique is currently offering retail only, but with any luck, the services will return as well!  Outfit your little princess or brave knight in beautiful costumes and pick up a stuffy or two!  


Fairy Tale Treasures

A Royal Shop, to be sure.  Here you will find costumes, apparel, accessories and toys.


The Mad Hatter

No trip to Disneyland is complete without a set of Mickey Mouse ears!  Choose your favourite headband, hat or ball cap in this charming little shop.


Fantasyland in Disneyland - halloween balloon in front of King Arthur's Carrousel



Compared to some other lands, the dining in Fantasyland is somewhat limited, but it’s certainly not small on taste!  With several quick-service and kiosk locations to choose from, you’ll find food fit for royalty. 


Edelweiss Snacks

Bask in the shadows of the Matterhorn with a turkey leg, corn on the cob or other hearty snack from this quick kiosk.


Maurice’s Treats

Visit this fun snack wagon for some tasty treats like a cheddar garlic bagel twist while waiting for your turn on a classic attraction!


Red Rose Taverne

Enjoy a fast and easy feast for breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Red Rose Taverne.  This location features seasonal offerings and a fairly full menu for lunch and dinner, especially for a quick-service location.  Burgers, salads, flatbread pizzas and more!  And be sure to try the Grey Stuff – it’s delicious! 


A quick word on dining in Frontierland, and the Disneyland Resort as a whole.  Do keep in mind that current conditions and restrictions may impact dining locations, options and availability.  While the Resort is doing its very best to ensure a great experience for all guests, you may encounter delays or disappointment.  Try to take it all in stride!  After all, you’re STILL in Disneyland!  To get the latest updates and need-to-know information, be sure to visit the Official Disneyland site!



Of course, no guide is complete without a few insider thoughts!  When it comes to Frontierland, here are our best tips.


Our Best Tips for Fantasyland

Given the number of attractions in Fantasyland that are designed for guests of all ages, this area gets very busy very quickly.  If you want to experience these rides, go early.  Peter Pan, especially, gets up to a 45-minute wait pretty quickly and stays that way for the remainder of the day.  If you are a guest of one of the Disney hotels, take advantage of early entry to get through all these rides!

Many attractions in Fantasyland close early each evening in preparation for nightly fireworks.  If you are aware, you can plan accordingly.

On a hot day, the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough is a lovely place to get out of the sun!  


Fantasyland is the heart of Disneyland and the iconic attractions should ALL be on your must-do list!


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Fantasyland in Disneyland - it's a small world lit up at night


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