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The Best of Main Street USA: Your Ultimate Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Main Street USA in Disneyland horse drawn trolley

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When it comes to the Disneyland Resort in California, there are so many things that come to mind – rides, food and of course, Mickey Mouse!  But in your rush to visit Mickey’s House, save the galaxy from the evil Emperor Zurg or go on many adventure with Winnie the Pooh, don’t overlook the hidden gems right in front of you!  Main Street USA is one of the most iconic areas of the Disneyland Resort and you should absolutely be making time to enjoy it in all its splendour!

In fact, you could easily spend a day on Main Street USA, between the food, fashion and fun!  We encourage you to make sure you’ve checked all there is to see and do off your Disney list! 

Alright, let’s slip on our favourite sandals or running shoes and get started!




Most visitors don’t realize just how many attractions Main Street USA holds.  And to be fair, they aren’t what you’d consider “big-ticket attractions”.  But don’t let this stop you from enjoying them all to the fullest!

  • Disneyland Railroad
  • Main Street Vehicles
  • Main Street Cinema

Disneyland Railroad

The Disneyland Railroad is one of our top picks for “Must-See” attractions in the entire park.  You can hop on or hop off at one of four stations:  Main Street, New Orleans Square, Mickey’s Toon Town and Tomorrowland.  We love to ride it from Main Street and get the full narration.  It’s a great way to catch a glimpse of nearly the whole park and a wonderful way to rest your feet!


Main Street USA - Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station
An original attraction, the Disneyland Railroad is a timeless classic. Modelled after Walt’s love of trains, the Railroad is a MUST-DO!


The “circle tour” takes roughly 20 minutes to complete and it is well worth your time.

Park pro tip:  The Disneyland Railroad is a great way to get from one side of the park to the other without fighting crowds!

Main Street Vehicles

Several types of vehicles run up and down Main Street USA to the central hub:  a jitney, an omnibus, a fire engine, and the beloved horse-drawn streetcar.  Hop into any of these vehicles at one of two stops – in the Town Square near City Hall and in the Central Plaza in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  Taking a ride in one of these classics allows you a different view of Main Street and you can take all the pictures you want without having to look where you’re going!

Walt’s Apartment

While not technically considered an attraction, for those who love Disneyland as we do, it’s the main attraction.  Ask any Disney fan and they’ll likely be able to share their own traditions when it comes to Walt Disney’s apartment.  What’s yours?


Main Street USA - Disneyland Fire Dept. 105 with candle in window for Walt Disney
The light of Walt Disney burns eternal in the window above the Disneyland Fire Hall. Take a moment to stop and appreciate all that he brought to us.


Main Street Cinema

Did you know that you can see six classic Disney cartoon shorts, including the one that started it all?  That’s right – come on in and enjoy Steamboat Willie, the short that introduced the world to Mickey Mouse! 

The Cinema is a great way to get out of the sun in the heat of the day and see some history at the same time.




If you are looking for all things Disney, you’ve come to the right place!  From tiny trinkets to larger-than-life stuffed animals and everything in between, Main Street is your one-stop shopping experience in the resort.  There are, of course, shops in every land, but one of our favourite things to do on a busy day is wander through all the Main Street shops.  

There are days that we don’t even worry about rides – we just want to shop!  And when we’re ready to spend some time looking for just the right souvenirs, clothing, housewares and even Christmas decorations, we love to head over to Main Street USA.  The smaller shops are charming and quaint, and the large Emporium holds pretty much anything you might want from the resort.

We’ve always found that the best times to hit the shops are either first thing in the morning when everyone else is rushing to their favourite attractions or mid-afternoon.  The longer you wait to go, the busier the shops will get.  Trying to spend any time shopping at the end of the night can be difficult.  Most people don’t want to carry bags with them all day, so they wait until they are on their way out of the park to pick up their treasures.  While carrying shopping bags all day might not be fun, if you know it’s going to be a shopping day, just go for it then take your purchases back to the room!  Problem solved!  It also helps to carry a packable shopping bag with you, to corral all your purchases for the trek back to the hotel.


Main Street USA in Disneyland centre court Christmas tree and lights


Shopping on Main Street USA is comprised of the following shops:

2oth Century Music Company

Are you into pin collecting and trading?  Be sure to hit up the 20th Century Music Company!  Select some new pins, lanyards and accessories, all to the melodious sounds of Disney soundtracks!

Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen

This shop can be experienced from both inside and out!  Purchase your favourite sweet treats and be sure to watch through the windows as the confectioners create their masterpieces.

Crystal Arts

This sparkly shop carried a different level of lovely souvenirs!  Crystal tiaras, figurines and even personalized glassware can be found here.


Located near the entrance to Disneyland and next to the Art Gallery, Disneyana offers guests the opportunity to take home a truly unique piece of magic.  From one-of-a-kind works to prints of some of the most beloved images, Disneyana offers it all.  

Side note – keep your eyes peeled for real-life Disney artists or Imagineers, who may pop in from time to time!



Disney Clothiers

As the name suggests, this large shop is the perfect place to find Disney outfits for the whole family!  There are sections for men, women and children and always a great selection.  You can often find the latest Loungefly or Dooney & Burke offerings here.

Disney Showcase

This corner shop keeps guests outfitted in the latest seasonal apparel – think Halloween hoodies and Christmas Spirit Jerseys, plus a selection of keepsakes and costumes! 


Not only does the Emporium house a vast collection of Disney merchandise – think hats, ears, clothing, toys, mugs and more – it also is your go-to spot for sundry items and snacks!  Be sure to hit up the Emporium on your way in or out each day!


Main Street USA - Disney-themed wallets - Mickey Mouse, Sleeping Beauty's castle and Tiki Room bird
Treasures large and small can be found on Main Street USA, like these adorable card-holder wallets, located in the Emporium.


Aside from the amazing shopping, you’ll want to be sure to check out the incredible window displays!  Always a fan favourite!

The Mad Hatter on Main Street USA

Located next to Disneyana, the Mad Hatter should be your first stop once you are in the park!  Get outfitted for the day with your favourite Mickey ears or a personalized cap!

Plaza Point

The newest shop on Main Street, Plaza Point offers Christmas-themed goodies every day of the year!  Be sure to start your collection of holiday decor here.

Silhouette Studio

A favourite for many years!  The Silhouette Studio offers guests a chance to sit for a quick portrait – as in only 60 seconds per portrait!  Take home a special memory from this fun shop.  Be sure to check ahead to make sure the Silhouette Studio is available.  At the time of writing (December 2021), the Studio is temporarily closed due to health restrictions.


Main Street USA in Disneyland shop fronts



It’s safe to say that you couldn’t eat at all the food locations on Main Street USA in one day!  Well, technically it is possible, but you probably wouldn’t feel all that great.  Between seated dining, quick service and snack locations, there’s something to tempt every taste bud.  And be sure to peek into the windows along the way to watch the treats being made.

Carnation Cafe

Enjoy a taste of Walt’s favourite comfort foods at this popular dining spot.  Currently, reservations are required.

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

Ice cream with an old-fashioned flair!  Floats, cones and more.

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

This quick-service location is an ideal spot to start your day in the park.  Tasty pastries, breakfast favourites and coffee, coffee and more coffee!  This Cafe also has special seasonal offerings, so keep an eye out for those!



Market House

The Market House is one of two in-park Starbucks locations, featuring their classic offerings, plus a few special Disney-only treats!

Plaza Inn

This dining location is a fan favourite for many reasons!  From the wonderful food to the historical decor to the character Breakfast, the Plaza Inn is sure to please everyone!

This restaurant has been a staple of Disneyland since Opening Day in 1955, although it was known as the Red Wagon Inn back then.  In fact, it was one of Walt’s favourite places to dine and he was known to host important guests in this location!


Main Street USA - Plaza Inn Restaurant at night
Considered one of the finest dining locations in the Resort, Disneyland’s Plaza Inn is a wonderful place to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Fun fact – the marble foyer, ornate woodwork and stained-glass ceiling were salvaged from an old home in Los Angeles!

Refreshment Corner

Take a break from all the shopping on this cozy little patio at the very edge of Main Street and enjoy some all-American favourites – sourdough chili bowls, hot dogs, soft pretzels and, of course, dessert!  When conditions allow, you might even catch some entertainment from crazy-talented pianists!


A quick note on Main Street USA – unlike Downtown Disney, you do require a park pass to shop, eat and explore!  If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, you might consider getting a Southern California CityPass, which not only gives you access to the Disneyland Resort but other select attractions as well!

So as you can see, Main Street USA is more than just an entryway into Disneyland.  It’s a land unto itself and it’s Walt’s vision come to life.  Enjoy all there is here.  Add extra time to your plans like we do to allow for full enjoyment of this amazing area and take a walk in Walt’s footsteps.  Take your time and explore, eat and enjoy!



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Main Street USA in Disneyland centre court giant pumpkin photo spot


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