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The Best of New Orleans Square: Your Ultimate Guide to the Disneyland Resort

New Orleans Square in Disneyland - Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow

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Take a left turn at Tarzan’s Treehouse in Adventureland and you’ll find yourself stepping into the mystique of the Bayous in New Orleans Square.  Home to two iconic attractions, superb dining, wonderful shops and a mysterious club, New Orleans Square packs it all in! 

Swashbuckling pirates and happy haunts look forward to greeting you in their space!  So pack your bags and get ready!




Three of Disneyland’s most iconic attractions can be found in New Orleans Square.  And if you’re a Disney fan, we can bet that you’ve ridden them time and time and time again!   The three attractions are:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Disneyland Railroad
  • Haunted Mansion


Let’s take a closer look at each of them.



Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction has been wowing guests since it first opened in 1967.  Swashbuckling pirates, incredible light effects and sing-a-long style songs make this ride a fan favourite!  Over the years, the Pirates attraction has seen some significant changes and updates, not the least of which was the addition of the characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, including Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa. 

Disney has also made some modifications over the years to create a more family-friendly experience by removing some scenes which many guests considered offensive.

This ride has no height/age restrictions, but there is darkness, sudden drops and loud noises which may be frightening for some guests.

The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction also houses the Blue Bayou restaurant, one of our favourites, which we will discuss further down below!


Disneyland Railroad

The second stop on the Disneyland Railroad Grand Circle Tour is in New Orleans Square.  If you didn’t join the tour from the beginning, this is your chance to hop aboard and see the rest of New Orleans from a totally different perspective!  You can see inside the Splash Mountain attraction as your locomotive steams its way to the third stop in Toon Town.


Haunted Mansion

The ride that almost wasn’t, Haunted Mansion is one of the most popular attractions in the entire Disneyland Resort.  To learn more about the history of this ride, you can check out the “Behind the Attractions” series found on Disney+.  It’s very interesting and you’ll learn a whole lot about the parks!

Currently, however, Haunted Mansion is “alive” and well and thrilling guests of all ages!  During the holiday season, this attraction gets a nightmarish makeover when Jack Skellington and the gang move in.  It’s hard to say which is our favourite – the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay or the regular creepy house!

Jump into your Doom Buggy and let your Ghost Host narrate your journey through this delightfully creepy manor.  This ride also has no restrictions but due to the dark nature of the ride, some guests may be frightened.


New Orleans Square signage Mlle. Antoinette's Parfumerie




Shopping in New Orleans Square is practically an attraction in itself!  Immerse yourself in the offerings of small boutiques and specialty shops, where you’re guaranteed to find treasures to delight any guest!

You’ll find the following shops in New Orleans Square:

Port Royal Curios and Curiosities

Located near Pirates of the Caribbean, here you’ll find Nightmare Before Christmas, Haunted Mansion and Pirates merchandise.

Pieces of Eight

You will find mostly Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion merchandise in Pieces of Eight, which is just steps from the exit of the Pirates attraction.

Cristal d’Orleans

A beautiful selection of etched pieces of crystal, figurines, tiaras and more.  Take your time to choose the perfect piece!

La Mascarade d’Orleans

You will find a large collection of Pandora jewellery and charms in La Mascarade d’Orleans, including park exclusives!

Mlle. Antoinette’s Parfumerie

As you might have guessed from the name, this shop carries a wide variety of high-end perfumes.  A lovely little shop.



Haunted Mansion Disneyland Graveyard



When you’re in the mood for fine dining, New Orleans Square is a great place to be!  Here you’ll find delicious far, excellent service and more in these locations:  

Blue Bayou Restaurant

Enjoy mouth-watering Louisiana-inspired cuisine with a Cajun/Creole theme under a “night sky” at any time of day!  You’ll also get to see the boats from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction glide by as you dine!

Tip:  This is one of the most popular dining locations in the resort.  Book early to avoid disappointment!  If reservations are unavailable, you can try for day-of seating.

Royal Street Veranda

Sourdough bread bowls full of clam chowder or gumbo are the specialty at this quick-service location.

Cafe Orleans

This charming sidewalk cafe has been offering up tasty Cajun fare since opening in 1966.  Be sure to try the Monte Cristo sandwich, a personal favourite!

French Market Restaurant

Indulge in authentic Southern-style dishes at this quick-service location, including a Louisiana-style Buttered Shrimp Po’ Boy and Jambalaya.  You can relax on the open-air patio while watching the Mark Twain Riverboat sail by.

Mint Julep Bar

Stroll on up to the Mint Julep Bar and get yourself a snack of fresh beignets and coffee or, naturally, a mint julep (non-alcoholic, of course).  


A quick word on dining in New Orleans Square, and the Disneyland Resort as a whole.  Do keep in mind that current conditions and restrictions may impact dining locations, options and availability.  While the Resort is doing its very best to ensure a great experience for all guests, you may encounter delays or disappointment.  Try to take it all in stride!  After all, you’re STILL in Disneyland!  To get the latest updates and need-to-know information, be sure to visit the Official Disneyland site!



Here are a couple of tips about New Orleans Square that we can share with you.  This land can get very congested when the queues for Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion get really long.  Plan to enjoy the attractions early in the day or make use of the Genie system!  Depending on park crowds, I’ve been able to walk on to Pirates, and I’ve waited for over an hour.  Plan accordingly!

Also, as we mentioned above, New Orleans Square is home to a not-so-well-kept secret, which is Club 33.  This is a very exclusive club which comes at a high cost.  Once upon a time, the location of this club was meant to be secret, but we’ve all seen the buzzer with the 33 on the door.  It’s a great photo op and if you’re like us, it will be going on your vision board!

New Orleans Square has so much to offer guests of the Disneyland Resort.  Immerse yourself in the fun and flair of this land and watch out for Pirates and Ghosts!



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Fountain in New Orleans Square in Disneyland


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